LinkMadeinchina Inter-website Cooperation Program


Build partnership with


All kinds of websites, SNS accounts and pages, etc. which are willing and able to achieve mutual benefit with

What to do:

1. Advertise LinkMadeinchina for money.

2. Cooperate with LinkMadeinchina through link exchange, banner exchange, and mutual Email Direct Marketing.

3. Welcome to offer other ways of partnership.


1. Send emails with your proposals or questions to

2. Please consider proposals that are sent from the above address.

The following information may help you assess our potential value for your website:

1.       We have near 1 million registered users, half of whom have subscribed to our newsletters.

2.       The number of our daily unique visitors is around 30,000, approximately 50% of whom visit the homepage. Our customers are mainly under the age of 35.

3.       Our site ranks the about 6,000 (increasing) in the world in terms of traffic. We have around 500 new register daily.

4.       We spend regularly on Google Adwords and website banner advertisements.

5. We have our own marketing team and hundreds of loyal customers promote us in other Ways.

For Middleman:

If any LinkMadeinchina Customer or other netizens want to earn pocket money through this program, feel free to contact us. We can talk on cooperation details and commission later.